2019 – McLAREN 600LT

After numerous photos of prototypes and anticipations of the brand itself, finally debuted the public the new member who will join the family Sports Series McLaren. This is the new McLaren 600LT. With the presentation of this model the British brand establishes a new chapter in its history ‘Long Tail’. It is enough to mark a new point of reference within the line, since the mark emphasizes that although it is focused for a use in track, it is homologated to rotate in the roads.Taking inspiration from the McLaren 675LT, the new 600LT is designed to excel equally in circuits and roads. It has all the features of a ‘Long Tail’ model, such as an elongated profile, an extended front splitter and a larger rear diffuser, as well as a fixed rear airfoil. More than 23% of the components used are specific to the McLaren 600LT, which is why it is quite distant from the McLaren 570S Coupe.The Woking engineers also worked very hard to reduce the weight of the vehicle and improve its aerodynamic performance. Using lighter and more durable materials, a reduction of 96 kilos was achieved in relation to the weight fixed by the 570S Coupe, in addition, its stiffness is superior. The supersport is manufactured on a carbon fiber monocoque chassis.Another unique feature of the new McLaren 600LT is the new exhaust outlets located in an elevated position that, in addition to giving it a distinctive image, also allow for a unique listening experience. In addition, the new exhaust system is lighter, which also helped achieve weight reduction.In relation to the interior, there is a cabin with a minimalist environment where you can breathe high performance. The benches are made of carbon fiber and used upholstery of first quality, in which Alcantara is present. It should be noted that McLaren Special Operations (MSO) personnel will offer a range of possibilities to create a unique interior and vw beetle car cover for outside safety.With respect to the mechanical part of the new McLaren 600LT, a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with an improved cooling system and an improved exhaust system are housed underneath its skin to produce 600 hp and 620 Nm maximum torque. The weight of the 600LT is 1,247 kilos. Also worth mentioning is the suspension of forged aluminum fork and a lighter brake system. This, coupled with Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R created tires in the measure, offers an ideal configuration to make the most of this super sports on the track.The new McLaren 600LT can already be booked. The production will be at the McLaren plant in Woking (UK) and will start next October. The starting price for the British market will be 185,500 pounds, about 939,000 reais at the current exchange rate.


McLaren Automotive did not want to miss one of the most important auto industry events of the year. This week is Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2018 and there will be present the British mark. For this edition of the important event, which runs parallel to the Monterey Automobile Week in California, responsibility for the job fell on the shoulders of the McLaren MSO staff.The official customization division of McLaren created the copy that appears in the images below, where the protagonist is the new McLaren 600LT, which shows a very special finish. The exterior is presented in beautiful Stealth Gray color, a tint that is part of the color palette offered by the MSO Bespoke program.To the gray color of the bodywork it is necessary to add the details in black matte and some components of the body in carbon fiber, as it is the case of the cover of the ceiling. On the other hand, this McLaren 600LT also has the three carbon fiber packages that are available when setting up the model. They all include the exterior rearview mirror housings, front splitter, diffuser and rear bumper, among other elements.Another detail that can not be overlooked are the 10-spoke forged and ultralight wheels with a glossy black finish that allow a perfect contrast with the rest of the exterior and the image that transmits the McLaren 600LT in Stealth Gray color. In addition, some components of the body have a profile in orange.In relation to its interior, it is necessary to remember quickly what is the focus of the new supercar of McLaren. The 600LT is designed to be used on the track. It is therefore equipped with racetracks made of carbon fiber – the same ones used by McLaren Senna. It also features inserts in the same material, MSO Clubsport Pro Pack six-point belts and sound equipment signed by Bowers & Wilkins’ 12-speaker specialists. The pedals show a recording with the model name and the key set was also customized.As for the mechanical part, there is nothing to be commented on. This exemplary McLaren 600LT is powered by a 3.8-liter Twin-Turbo V8 engine that develops a power output of 600 hp and 620 Nm of maximum torque. The engine has an improved cooling system along with a custom exhaust system to be able to perform at a higher level. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in about 3 seconds and reach a top speed of 328 km / h.

2019 – McLAREN 720S GT3

The racing version of the powerful Mclaren 720S, called McLaren 720S GT3, has just been revealed. But the manufacturer is still immersed in a development and testing program that is testing the skills of the car on different circuits in Europe, the United States and the Middle East, in order to make it ready for the 2019 season.Prior to its race debut, McLaren submitted its latest creation to extensive simulations, but will now support an exhaustive testing regime that will allow validation of all of the data obtained in the simulations and test the durability and reliability of long-distance races.”It was an incredibly exciting time to be able to see our new 720S GT3 start its intensive testing phase on track based on a development program that we are certain will offer our customers a first class GT racing car,” said the CEO of McLaren, Mike Flewitt. “Allowing our customers to participate in racing is an integral part of McLaren Automotive’s commercial strategy and we are committed to providing GT teams with exceptional cars and world-class support to get the most out of them.”Like the road model, the McLaren 720S GT3 also features a structure composed of a very rigid and light carbon fiber MonoCage II chassis. Although power comes from a specifically developed version of the M840T V8 twin-turbo 4.0-liter engine, the power curve has been improved and a new electronic component has been added for six-speed sequential transmission. The final power was not specified.More than 90% of the 720S components have been changed or optimized for the GT3 version. Features include body changes, with a specific diffuser, a flat floor, hydraulic lifts and a GT3 specification airfoil, among others. It also has aerodynamics and improved suspension, a revised transmission and a new brake system, among many others. Prices for the McLaren 720S GT3 start at 440,000 pounds sterling – about 2.3 million reals at today’s exchange rate.

2019 – McLAREN 720 SPIDER

The British brand took advantage of this last weekend to reveal online the new McLaren 720S Spider, the open body version of the Super Series line, so we already have all the official images and specifications of the new Woking manufacturer’s roadster.At the mechanical and chassis level there are no differences compared to the 720S Coupe, because despite losing the roof, the carbon fiber monocoque it shares with the 720S Coupe is so rigid that no structural reinforcements were needed, so it was not penalized with a much higher weight. The engine remains the same 4.0-liter V8 M840T and double turbo engine supplied by Ricardo, which underneath the hood of the 720S line produces 720 hp and 769 Nm of maximum torque.The new McLaren 720S Spider has an official weight of 1,332 kilos, which compared to the coupe version means only 49 kilos more, or as described by the British brand, 88 kilos less than its nearest competitor, which the brand preferred omit the name.Where there really are differences compared to the coupe version is in the ceiling, because although relying on a hard-top retractable, the roof line is slightly different, slightly lower. The roof deployment system is very similar to the one used by the McLaren 650S Spider, although the roof of the new 720S Spider has a very interesting news. Now the top panel can be electrochromic glass that can be darkened or rinsed according to the user’s will, a solution similar to the one used in his time the Ferrari F575 Superamerica.In addition, we found no differences between the closed version and the new 720S Spider. With the roof on, this version is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in only 2.9 seconds and from 0 to 200 km / h in 7.8 seconds. Its maximum speed is 341 km / h, but it is reduced to 325 km / h if the roof is lowered.For those interested who wish to have a unit of these in their garage already can order it, because McLaren has already opened the order book of this new Spider version. Deliveries will begin in March 2019 and the base price starts at 273,000 euros in Germany.

2019 – McLAREN 720S SPA 1968 BY MSO

The McLaren story fits into many chapters. But if you had to start with a place the 1968 Formula One Grand Prix of Belgium should be the chosen one. A race where exactly 50 years ago the McLaren F1 team won for the first time, and with Bruce McLaren in charge of his first car of his own.Half a century later this achievement serves as a reference for a very special new version of McLaren Special Operations, which pays homage to the 1968 Spa with three McLaren 720S units with the iconic Orange Papaya color of New Zealander cars and some details to reference to the mythical Belgian route.In fact, the painting covering the body of this special edition that was born with the collaboration of McLaren Brussels, now takes its name from Anniversary Orange by MSO, but in essence is the same as the McLaren M7A in 1968, when it achieved the first of many victories for the famous F1 team and now also maker of cars.This body hides only one detail in his painting that is none other than a drawing in the silver color of the layout of Spa-Francorchamps when at that time it was still 14 km long. A detail that is also found embroidered on the headrest of the upholstered benches in Alcantara.When opening the door of the interior carbon fiber cover we can see an orange phrase that says: ‘First McLaren F1 team win – Belgian Grand Prix – June 9, 1968 – driver: Bruce McLaren’. Even the key has an inscription reminiscent of that special race, and of course there is no missing a special badge with its serial number.The whole set is accompanied by alloy wheels in satin black that stand out along with the black color ceiling compared to the rest of the car in an intense orange. A combination that is also seen on the inside with a black padding with McLaren orange stitching accompanied by a good dose of carbon fiber.This small series of the 1968 McLaren 720S Spa will be fully available at McLaren Brussels, and three units to be manufactured, two already owned.

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